Weekly Meal Plan #10

My meal plans were a feature I used to do every week about a year ago. While it’s not something that I’m going to continue to post every week, I still think it is a fun look into my kitchen every once and a while and get some recipe ideas and meal prep inspiration. Here’s a look into what we had for dinner last week:

MondaySheet Pan BBQ Meatloaf Dinner


This dinner came one day after the Super Bowl (*sad face*), for which I had made BBQ pulled pork. I had made my own BBQ sauce from this recipe, and saved a few tablespoons to use in the meatloaf.  Homemade BBQ sauce tastes soooo much better than the bottled stuff, is much less processed, more nutritious, and doesn’t take long to prepare at all. The meatloaf is rounded out with sweet potatoes and broccoli for color and nutrition.

TuesdayCarrot Apple Ginger Soup with Grilled Cheese


This soup is on the sweet side because of the apple and carrots, but has a savory component from the onion and vegetable broth as well as some zing from the ginger. Soups always need a little something else on the side, so we had grilled cheese too!

WednesdayPiña Colada Chicken


I actually got the idea to make this again when I was looking through old meal plans on the blog. One of the best things about having piña colada chicken in the winter is that the tropical flavors almost make you forget it’s winter (almost…).

Thursday– Banza Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomato Vodka Sauce and Spinach


High protein pastas are all the rage these days! While there is nothing wrong with the carbohydrates in regular pasta, if you can squeeze some extra protein into your diet without any extra effort that is always a plus! Banza  pasta is made from chickpeas, and compared to whole wheat pasta has 5 additional grams of protein and 3 more grams of fiber.

FridayDeep Dish Pizza with Caprese Salad

I’m so sad I forgot to take a picture of this, but it was national pizza day so we had a little pizza party at my house. To make it more nutritious, I used whole wheat pizza dough and made my own tomato sauce.

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