Kristin is a Registered Dietitian living in Boston, Massachusetts. She received her Masters of Science in Food and Nutrition from Framingham State University in 2016. Previously, she attended Boston College where she received Bachelors degrees in Communications and Psychology in 2010. During this time, Kristin earned her AFAA group exercise certification as well as her ACE personal training certification. She was able to combine her love for both fitness and nutrition by accepting a job at the Weymouth Club in the south shore of Massachusetts, where she currently does personal training, teaches group exercises, and does one-on-one nutrition counseling. Additionally, Kristin runs both a weight loss program and children’s nutrition program at the club.

Kristin believes that eating healthy has become too complicated. She wants to teach people that they can still enjoy the foods they love in moderation, as long as they focus on a diet consisting of mostly plants, lean protein, and whole grains. Kristin also wants people to spend more time in the kitchen, and feels that the best way to control your health is to control the ingredients you put in your body. In terms of fitness, Kristin believes in incorporating a mixture of cardio, strength, and flexibility into your routine, but knows the best fitness routine is the one you love and will stick with.